Events in Mykonos

Mykonos is famous worldwide as the island of the excesses. The main reason for this reputation can be found in the numerous parties that take place here all year around, especially in the summer. World renown DJs, together with international guests, animate the hot summer nights in the clubs and beach-bars of the island. The line between day and night gets very blurry in Mykonos, where the dances seem to never stop. What maybe the few know is the traditional and cultural side of the island, which is being recently relaunched thanks to the Mykonos Art Festival since 2018. In this occasion, several events are organized, including concerts, art exhibitions, theater, cinema, and eno-gastronomic events during the summer months. Moreover, it is worth mentioning some events organized in occasion of the most important religious festivities, which offer authentic moments of conviviality and meeting with the locals.

Let’s see in detail some of the most characteristic events taking place in Mykonos.

  • Opening and Closing Party by the numerous clubs, bars, beach-clubs and beach-bars of the island: usually these places start the summer season in April-May, while they close for the winter in September-October. Each place organizes its opening and closing party at the beginning and at the end of the summer season respectively. The dates for such events change according to the place and to the year. You can find out more about this topic at where you’ll find an updated list of these events.
  • 24 June – Saint John Fotaristi: in occasion of this religious holiday, the locals meet up and light up a big fire. Food, dances and traditional costumes alternate in a festive atmosphere in several parts of the island.
  • 27 July – Saint Panteleimon: it is celebrated in Marathi, by the medieval monastery.
  • 14 September – Saint Cross: it is celebrated by the Saint Cross Chapel, next to the airport, and by the Folk Museum of Mykonos.
  • Second Sunday of September – Harvest Feast: in this occasion the locals celebrate the harvest by the Agricultural Museum of Mykonos. Wine, food, dances and live music are provided.
  • Chirosfagia (the celebration of the pig): it is celebrated in different moments according to the specific area of the island. The locals organize small and big festivals in the villages, especially in the rural areas. The Folk Association of the Women of Mykonos celebrate this event every year in October in a shopping center or in a restaurant, providing snacks and traditional songs.
  • 15 August – Assumption: the Assumption of Virgin Mary is celebrated in the village of Ano Mera, in front of the Monastry of the Virgins Tourliani
  • 30 June – Saint Apostolis: celebration of the fishermen
  • 26 July – Saint Paraskevi
  • Last week of August – XLSIOR: This is the famous gay festival taking place in Mykonos every summer since A series of events are organized in this occation. The locations change every year. For more information, please visit the official web page of the event at
  • June to September – Mykonos Art Festival: starting from 2018, the Puclic Enterpreise of Cultural Projection and Growth of Mykonos organizes the Mykonos Art Festival as a part of the cultural summer project. This festival offers to the visitors the opportunity to enjoy several contemporary art exhibitions, concerts, theatre, cinema and eno-gastronomic events, cultural inheritance of the utopia of Delos. Please visit the official page of the event at to access the calendar of the next edition of the festival.
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